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Cutie Meets Mr. Lizard 


Cutie Saves Miss Bunny

There’s no question that our pets add so much to our lives. They are comforting, perceptive, inquisitive, fun, energetic, snuggly — the list goes on! And when they’re rescued, it’s as if they have even more love to give. But what do our furry family members do while their owners are away?

Cutie Meets Mr. Lizard and Cutie Saves Miss Bunny, the delightful books in the children’s series Cutie’s Big Adventures by Felicia Di John, gives kids a creative glimpse into one pup’s exciting day.

Meet Cutie! Cutie is an adorable rescue dog – a Chihuahua with big ears and an even bigger heart – who lives in a house in the desert. Sweet, curious, and adventurous, she’s a little dog who thinks she’s BIG.